Promoting Sustainability through the Arts

In line with our mission to support art and design entrepreneurship, we opened an in-house boutique featuring the work of our students, instructors and local guest artists. Purchases can be made online via our website

Handmade Work for Affordable Rates

Everything at the boutique is handmade by our students and instructors or by local artists.

Many products were made in class -as part of our mission to promote traditional crafts for today’s markets. It makes us proud that many of the brands we feature were born at our space.

Feel-good exhibitions

Scheduled once per season, Espace Boutique exhibitions provide an oasis of creativity and beauty.

They offer you a fantastic opportunity mingle, destress and purchase beautiful gifts for loved ones and for yourself.


Arwa Kayali

Arwa Kayali is a 28-year-old architect with several interests ranging from photography to painting to fashion design. Arwa took several classes at Espace فن, including Digital Illustration and Caricature. She was able to produce a quirky representation of herself, then her friends, and she’s now ready to share this talent with the world.

Aya Sanyoura

Aya Sanyoura is a 21-year-old psychology major who loves taking photos, drawing, painting, and reading.  She took various photography and painting courses at Espace فن, where she learned a lot about the power of self-expression and creativity. Her artworks find inspiration in life, people and new ideas to capture. 

Bassam Anouti

Bassam Anouti is an art historian, an art educator, and a versatile artist working across platforms. His profuse portfolio includes artworks in oil, acrylic, multimedia and digital art. At Espace فن, Bassam teaches all kinds of painting classes, as well as calligraphy, fashion design & sewing. On this platform, Bassam presents a selection from his Collective Memory: 1980s Beirut, which celebrates the city in an amalgam of nostalgia and pain. 

Blossoms Beirut

Blossoms  Beirut is a very young concept born in the middle of all the chaos and uncertainty that Lebanon has been going through. Layal and Guy, an engaged couple, used their skills to complement each other and start a business related to their interest and to reduce the country’s dependency on imports. Our products are hand made with care by Layal at home, using only natural ingredients, or obtained from a village supplier who’s keeping Lebanese traditions. Our raw materials are locally sourced whenever possible.

Boema Candles

Handpoured botanical candles, designed with pressed flowers and scented with sensational fragrances. All our candles all handpoured in Lebanon using 100% natural soy wax. No chemicals or preservatives added. Eco friendly packaging.
Eco friendly packaging.


Founded 20 years ago in Beirut by Micheline Moukarzel Akl, Breloques is a handmade jewelry brand that focuses on the various savoir-faire of local artisans. Later joined by her daughter, Micheline aims at creating timeless pieces yet with a notably contemporary character, using the finest materials. The brand’s essence connects durability and crafts to daily aesthetic beauty.

Calindala by Caline

Calindala is the combination of the name of the artist, Caline, and Mandala. Caline Haddad is a wife, mother and freelance video editor. She learned to crochet at a young age and with time, she developed her skills. In 2016, she underwent surgery and, during the recovery time, she found that mandalas helped her heal and recover. Caline specializes in crochet, cross-stitching, macramé, dotting and mandala drawing.

Constant Craving

Betty M. is a versatile designer and the founder of Constant Craving. The brand offers customized, printed and emotionally charged designs that reflect our stress and vulnerability as well as our cravings and our hopes.
Betty has been involved in the advertising and TV production industries for years, before she realized that she is happiest  when she designs. She enrolled in multiple courses at Espace فن, adding to her portfolio several mediums, and eventually became an instructor at the studio too.

Diana Nasreddine – Ashtar

L’Atelier D’Ashtar is a line of fine jewelry established and managed by Diana Nasreddine. It comes as a celebration for the sea, the sun and the strolls around the islands. A woman who migrated from business to jewelry making, driven by a passion for fine craftsmanship, Diana took jewelry and enameling courses at Espace فن. Diana sees her work as an ode to nature. She mixes beautiful sea shells, found during trips to tropical islands, with gold, diamonds, pearls and other gemstones. For Diana, the cure for everything is in the salty water of the sea.

Diva Chbeir

Elie Abed

Elie Abed is a 27-year-old artist and interior designer who specializes in digital collage and multimedia. A fine arts graduate, Elie is interested in depicting topics from daily life Lebanon. Elie took several painting classes at Espace فن.

Elie Sawaya

Elie Sawaya is a fashion upcyclist who reuses old clothes and scraps of fabric to recreate new wearable memories. Elie studied Business & Finance and worked for nine years in banking, until he realized that this is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He majored in fashion design and took courses in painting. He also studied embroidery at Espace فن. The collection he presents here is the result of this journey. His work promotes slow and responsible fashion through one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces. 

Farah Dabbous – RAMZ

Based in Beirut, Ramz is an independent multi-disciplinary design studio. Our recipe is simple: A fusion of critical thinking, insight, passion and creativity. Through customized designs, we seek to play a role in improving dialogue in the Middle East and beyond by devising symbols and products that carry cultural, corporate and personal messages. Ramz is co-founded by Moukhtar Alayli and Farah Dabbous. The latter is a digital art and caricature instructor at Espace فن.

Ghina Arnaout Nasser

Ghina Arnaout Nasser is a designer. She finds her passion and relief in design, painting, hand-made pieces, and all kind of art, which is a great way to express feelings, and find relief from everything around, while letting go all worries. From the day she learned how to crochet, she fell in love with this amazing art!

Huda Saadeh

Huda Saadeh came to Espace Fann seeking refuge from the daily stressors of the city, but soon found herself enamored with the artistic process. With courses such as embroidery, crochet and weaving, Huda finds herself turning into a fiber artist with her own signature; a mix of bright colors with bold but heartfelt designs. 

Iman Badr

Iman Badr is a painter specializing in dot painting. She has always been fascinated by patterns & symmetry. To her, it’s not only about the technique but more about the whole meditative process of dotting. Iman teaches dot painting workshops at Espace Fann. As a student, she also took various courses at the studio including Islamic geometry and creative calligraphy. Her boutique collection is a series of artworks with an underlying message of compassion to self and to others.


Jellyfish is a line of handmade upcycled accessories, made from used plastic bags. Turtles eat plastic bags, mistaking them for jellyfish, and this often leads to their demise. Our brand aims to fight that by upcycling bags into beautiful wearable products. All of our items are crocheted by underprivileged women in the Beqaa Valley, providing them with a sustainable source of income.

Khaled Nasser

Khaled Nasser is a family consultant and trauma therapist who started his artistic journey at an Espace فن painting class. He discovered a serious passion and talent, and amassed an impressive debut portfolio. A selection from this portfolio is on show here.

Kinship Stories

Kinship Stories is a culture and art project featuring a line of precious tribal adornments. Our one-of-a-kind pieces include vintage and antique materials, often of museum quality. We also experiment with fusions of old and new, adding our own handmade work to the mix. Kinship Stories is committed to supporting local artisanship and fostering intercultural understanding of otherness.

Libbey Jazi

Libbey Jazi has been designing jewelry beads for 30 years. She has taken classes from master beadworkers and taught many classes of her own designs, including at Espace فن. She runs an online group of international bead loomers where she teaches new and out of the box thinking on putting beads on the loom. She is constantly inspired by color, shape, and texture. All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Manal Jaroudi

Manal Jaroudi is a fabric jewelry and accessory artist. Aggressively dedicated to work, she nonetheless experienced the unpleasant consequences of unfair early retirement, due to the crisis that hit the banking sector in Lebanon. The little girl in Manal, who’s always been a fighter, took her to Espace فن, where she attended crochet, embroidery and beading courses. Today, she’s already teaching a class there and is ready to share her new line with everyone. For her, this is only the beginning. 

Mariam Dahdah

Mariam Dahdah is an aspiring ceramist who graduated from Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, in 2018, with a diploma in Illustration. Ever since she was a child, Mariam found passion and comfort in creating things with her own hands, starting with knitting, crochet and brazilian bracelets. She more recently developed an interest in ceramics following various pottery and sculpting classes. With her growing passion for ceramics, she took part in a professional wheel-throwing workshop in Greece in September 2021. Hand crafting, to her, is a therapeutic and meditative process. She is currently developing her own brand, Mar Creations, creating various handmade pieces.

May Hamdan

May Hamdan is a self-taught artist whose work mostly includes mixed media paintings, primarily of acrylics and pastels as well as playful and whimsical fabric patchwork. In the summer of 2017, a collection of her paintings was showcased in London, Paris and Japan. May holds a PhD in Mathematics from Syracuse University and has been a professor of Mathematics at the Lebanese American University since 1997. May is also a rising writer. She includes prose and poetry in her paintings. Her writings most often employ aphorisms to elucidate the central themes of her works.

MT by Marie Therese

Growing up, Mayssana and Pia Maria looked up to their mother, their inspiration. They observed as she designed, communicated, shared, and loved. MT launched this brand with love, passion, and dedication. Today, her two daughters continue to expand the MT line, with the same zest and commitment. To this end, Mayssana took the branding and promotion class at Espace فن.MT’s handmade products are made of semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, and 18K gold-plated materials. Each item, from earrings to rings to necklaces (and more), is made with utmost care and love.“MT,”

Mirna Ghareeb

Meerna Gharib is a contemporary illustrator. She employs a wide range of materials such as wires, found objects, paper cuts, Plexi, and coloured paper, as well as different mediums such as acrylics, oil pastels, gouache and watercolour. Her most important target when holding a brush is letting the viewer draw their own conclusions about what’s going on in the artwork. It’s letting them see, reflect and transform the piece.
To this end, Gharib uses imaginative composition, vibrant colours, and unusual surfaces and materials. She is known for her bold colours, thick strokes and defined lines, applied with confidence.
Gharib took several painting and embroidery courses at Espace فن to enhance her already outstanding skills.

Moeki Studio

Moukhtar Alayli is a Beirut based graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist. Co-founder of Ramz, a multi-disciplinary design studio, and founder of Moeki, a contemporary creative studio. His work ranges from illustration to comic art, visual identity, animation, modern calligraphy and integrated digital art. Moukhtar completed a graphic design degree in Lebanon and a master of design in the Netherlands.

MYD Fashion

MYD Fashion is the brainchild of three friends and moms; Yasmine Mneimneh, Mirna Soubra and Dana Sleiman. Responding beautifully to the economic crisis that recently reeled Lebanon, they came up with this locally-made line of high-quality coats, jackets and shirts -transforming themselves into female art entrepreneurs in the process. 

Mud to Pot

Tsoler is a Lebanese based artist, specializing in handmade and one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. Armed with a background in art and graphic design, she became the owner of Mud to Pot since 2019. She creates functional and decorative ceramic objects in her private studio.

Nadine Sidani

Nadine Sidani is a beaded-jewelry designer who started her artistic journey from one beading workshop at Espace فن. Today, she has developed a line of her own, adding knowledge she acquired during embroidery and jewelry classes. She sells her work at her own store in Beirut as well as on this platform. 

Nayirie Keuteklian

Nayirie Keuteklian is an artist specializing in contemporary and sacred art, as well as a painting restorer. She teaches drawing and tempera courses at Espace فن, fusing old techniques with current topics. In addition to her master’s degree in Sacred Art, Nayirie participated in dorure workshops with Russian instructors, where she developed her ornamental gilding techniques. 

Nour Chuman – Thready Mercury

Thready Mercury was created by Nour Schumann in 2021. Having had a passion for art for a long time, Nour decided to take embroidery courses at Espace فن at the beginning of the COVID lockdown. Soon, Nour was hooked on embroidery, and found her signature while doing her master’s degree. Thready Mercury has two sides to it: Raising awareness about mental health, and bringing joy to people through art.

Rajaa Dabbous

Rajaa Dabbous is a multidisciplinary artist with a rich portfolio and fantastic talent. Rajaa started drawing real-life portraits when she was still a child, but she did work a lot on herself to get where she is today. At Espace فن, she took a variety of painting courses as well as embroidery and weaving.

Rami Inaty

Rami Inaty is a cross-disciplinary artist who collects things and ideas that have lost value and meaning, and gives them a new life. Rami studied graphic design and theater and more recently migrated to jewelry design. He attended a jewelry class at Espace فن where he refined his skills in using wax.

Rana Sidani

Rana Sidani is a self-taught fashion designer and tailor. She specializes in little girls outfits, age 1 to 8. Her designs are colorful, flowery, ruffled, and vibrant. They are inspired by the joyful, tender, and energetic nature of little girls.

Rouh w Rayhan

Samar Zeaiter

Samar Zaiter is a pharmacy major whose passion for creativity and colors has led her to take painting classes. From that moment on, nothing could stop her. Samar took dot painting and calligraphy classes at Espace فن. Her main inspiration is nature and its beauty.

Samer Halwany

Born in Beirut, Halwany is a passionate traveler by nature and a professional photographer by craft. Halwani’s portfolio is a beautiful composition of culture, humanity, and visual aesthetics.  Samer is a New York Film Academy graduate, photographer and director focused on creating tangible, intentional imagery over a wide range of project mediums.

Sana Maalouf

Born and raised in Beirut, Samar had an engineering education, is an educator by practice and a visual art maker by passion.  Samar is currently focusing on drawing, painting and making rugged jewelry and accessories. 
Some of her work is conceptual, some is cause oriented, some is commemorative, some is inspired by daily life, and some is purely decorative! 

Sana Chehab Mouabbi

Sana Shihab is a graphic designer with a master’s degree in Visual Communication. She is a children’s book writer, illustrator, UX designer and social media director for several pages. Sana developed a passion for art at a young age, when she designed clothes and accessories. Today, her hobby has developed into a vocation. Sana took sewing and embroidery classes at Espace فن to enrich her skills and develop her unique accessory pieces. She feels happy while designing them and would like to share her love with those who like it.

Sarah Hamade – OM Creations

Tala Awadi

Tala Awadi is a digital artist and painter who creates art reflecting a personal vision of the world. For Tala, art is not only a passion, it is a lifestyle. She looks for inspiration in various cultures and appreciates the bold style of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. During the last four years, Tala has participated in numerous art fairs and art exhibitions, and has also sold her work online. 

Tala Beydoun

Tala Beydoun is a multidisciplinary artist, working with a variety of mediums from painting to collage and, most notably, embroidery. The ravaging Lebanese Civil War left an immense impact on Tala’s personality and her search for inner peace. Her evolution and solace came through the arts.After three decades spent teaching, Tala took a leap of faith and became an artist painter then a multidisciplinary artist. This last drastic change came when she took an embroidery class at Espacefann, propelling her art into a totally different direction.Tala loves combining hand embroidery with machine stitching, fabric, yarns, threads, treated papers, hardware, and all sorts of mediums such as acrylic paint, china ink, markers to create her artwork, be it pendants, necklaces or paintings. Her inspiration comes from human emotions.

Turbans de Leila

Having spent more than 20 years in the fashion and niche design industry, Leila Tannir started her brand, Turbans De Leila, in response to her own daily challenge of observing the holy duty of hijab with contemporary lifestyles and trends. At Espace Fann, Leila took multiple courses to help promote her brand and expand her repertoire.

Yasmine Dabbous

Yasmine Dabbous is a visual culture artist and researcher who works with multiple mediums including embroidery, weaving, metalsmithing, enamel and collage. Yasmine is the founding partner of Espace فن and teaches multiple courses at the studio. 

Zeina Jizi

“Yours by Zeina Jizi” is inspired by the artist’s love for drawing, painting, bold colors and all things fabric. Zeina’s passion started at a very young age and evolved with art classes, at Espace فن among others, and exhibitions in and outside Lebanon. Her rich portfolio includes painted artworks as well as painting on furniture and home decor products, in addition to clothes. Seeing her designs come to life and being worn by people in Lebanon and beyond inspires Zeina to keep creating and expanding.