Our Art & Design Courses

We offer a variety of skill building and design thinking courses for art lovers and mature talents. No previous skills are required. By the end of the course, you will have a new skill and multiple ideas to work with.

Our art and design classes stretch over six weeks, and offered once a week for three hours. We do not grade and we do not offer degrees, but our courses teach you creativity, research, design, technique and entrepreneurial possibilities. They all culminate with a final project to help you build a portfolio.

Below is a partial list of the art and design courses we offer as a space. Please check our schedule on Instagram to see which courses are currently running and those coming up soon.

Art Therapy Course

This course focuses on a variety of tactile and meditative art exercises, designed to reduce stress and anxiety in a friendly communal environment. The class is offered in collaboration with a mental health provider.

Beading Course

This is an advanced beading class where students learn multiple beading stitches. They are introduced to the herringbone and peyote stitches, to loom beading and to beaded embroidery. They create multiple gorgeous beaded pieces.

Arabic Calligraphy Course

In this art class, you will learn the principles of Arabic calligraphy and will train to use a type of khatt. The end product of this class can be on a variety of mediums.

Crochet Course

This course teaches you the skills required to create beautiful crochet products, as well as an introduction to design possibilities and entrepreneurial opportunities. The class culminates with a final project where you make your own crochet product.

Enameling Art

Learn the principles and skills required to produce enameled pieces. Enamel is a powder glass you can melt and make beautiful jewelry. We are the only ones in Lebanon offering basic and advanced courses in this field!

Embroidery Course

In this class, we will take embroidery as an art project. You will learn to design, stitch and create a fiber artwork for yourself or your home.

Basic and advanced courses are available.

Fashion Design Class – Sewing

Learn the principles and processes of fashion design and you will enjoy making your own design and  piece of apparel , start creating  an innovative portfolio.

Fashion Design Class for Children

In this class, children (5 -12 years old) learn the basics of fashion design and create their own garments by the end of the class.

Available in basic and advanced levels.

Fashion Styling Course

Learn how to style yourself and others; get to know all about body proportions, color tones, makeup and other skills to help develop your sense of style.

Filmmaking Class

Learn to create visual stories through as you build your way from idea to script, and from shooting and camera management to editing.

Basic and advanced levels available.

Illustrator Course

Learn the art of creating illustrations and print your work on various products including metal, plexi and wood.

Basic and advanced courses are available.

Interior Styling Course

In this class, you will learn the art of styling a space for residential or commercial purposes. Emphasis is on creating specific moods and atmospheres using a variety of techniques.

Islamic Art Course

In this fascinating class, students learn about the philosophies underlying Islamic art, the various monuments and architectural elements, the major epochs during which this art developed as well as the principles of arabesque design.

This course is available free of charge on

Jewelry Design Course

In this class, you will learn to design, saw, sand, drill, stamp, solder and polish two pieces of jewelry from scratch.

Several levels with multiple skills available (wax and casting, wire jewelry, gemstones..).

Macrame -Experimental

In this class, students learn major macrame knots but also learn to take the medium to a new level, by playing with types of yarns, products, colors and models.

Mosaic Art

In this class, students go through the entire process of mosaic painting from design to glass cutting, arrangement of glass pieces, and the management of the base. Astonishing works are finalized in six sessions.

Natural Textile Dyeing

In this class, you will learn various techniques to dye and decorate fabrics with natural ingredients, from flowers and spices to vegetables and beyond.

Packaging Design Course

In this class, you will learn the creative and technical principles behind creating packages for the arts and for commercial products.

Basic and advanced levels are available.

Painting Class

We have multiple painting classes available.

They include an array of possibilities including: Abstract art, expressionist portraits, miniature painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, impressionist painting, etc.

Painting for Children

In this class, young ones (5 to 12 years old) learn observation, perspective, color mixing, facial proportions and other painting principles, in accessible, friendly ways.

Basic and advanced courses available.

Pattern Design Course

This is a specialized class where you learn creative and technical principles of patternmaking. The final project you make can be printed on any medium, from fabric to porcelain and beyond.


In this class, you will learn the principles of art photography, composition theories and how to apply them. You will enjoy the learning process as you will put yourself out there in order to capture the best possible pictures.


Two directions are available for this course: One teaches professional photo editing. The other is a creative approach to digital collage, where students create artworks to be printed on products of their choice.

Promoting Creativity

This course is an advanced conceptual course for students who wish to develop their creative skills, regardless of the medium. Philosophical design principles are discussed, with various applied exercises.

Self Branding and Promotion Course

In this class, you will learn to find your signature, define what makes you strong, communicate properly about yourself and promote your art as a brand, while preserving the integrity of your artwork.

Tempera Painting

In this class, you will use the Byzantine technique, later developed during the Renaissance, to create masterful paintings. Tempera students mix pigment and eggs and apply gold leaves on wood. Basic and mature talents are welcome.

Vitrail Art

In this class, you will learn the various techniques involved in creating colored glass artworks, using faux vitrail paint. You will experiment with a variety of paint types as well as multiple glass surfaces to create your art pieces.

Weaving As An Art Course

In this class, you will learn the ancient art of weaving on the loom, with a contemporary interpretation applied to artworks, jewelry design and fashion.

Website Design Course

Create your own website on WordPress in six sessions and save yourselves the cost of a web designer and a developer. No computer science skills are required.